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Minneapolis Lakers 1952 NBA Championship Roster

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This is the roster with all players that were part of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship in 1952

1950 Minneapolis Lakers 1952 Championship Roster 1950

Player Position Height Weight Born College
Robert Harrison Guard 6'1" Jan. 20, 1964 Michigan, 1949
Joseph Hutton Guard 6'1" Hamline, 1950
Slater Martin Guard 5'10"
Frank Saul Guard 6'2" Seton Hall, 1949
Myer Skoog Guard 5'11" Minnesota, 1950
Lew Hitch Forward 6'8" Kansas State, 1951
Vern Mikkelsen Forward 6'7" Hamline, 1949
John Pilch Forward 6'3" Wyoming, 1950
James Pollard Forward 6'5" Stanford, 1947
Howie Schultz Forward 6'8" Jul. 3, 1922 Hamline
George Mikan Center 6'10" 245 lbs. Jun. 18, 1924 DePaul, 1946

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