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Los Angeles Lakers 1980 Championship: The Playoff Series

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The Lakers dominated the 1980 NBA Playoffs. They played 16 games with a 12-4 record that included a 4-2 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in the Finals. Here you have all the Playoff series played by the NBA champion.

Championship Trophy Los Angeles Lakers 1980 Playoff Series NBA Championship

Western Conference Semifinals
Gm Date Opponent W-L Result Series  
1 Apr 08-1980 Phoenix Suns W 119-110 L.A. Lakers lead 1-0
2 Apr 09-1980 Phoenix Suns W 131-128 L.A. Lakers lead 2-0
3 Apr 11-1980 @Phoenix Suns W 108-105 L.A. Lakers lead 3-0
4 Apr 13-1980 @Phoenix Suns L 101-127 L.A. Lakers lead 3-1
5 Apr 15-1980 Phoenix Suns W 126-101 L.A. Lakers win 4-1
Western Conference Finals
Gm Date Opponent W-L Result Series  
1 Apr 22-1980 Seattle Supersonics L 107-108 Seattle Supersonics lead 1-0
2 Apr 23-1980 Seattle Supersonics W 108-99 series tied 1-1
3 Apr 25-1980 @Seattle Supersonics W 104-100 L.A. Lakers lead 2-1
4 Apr 27-1980 @Seattle Supersonics W 98-93 L.A. Lakers lead 3-1
5 Apr 30-1980 Seattle Supersonics W 111-105 L.A. Lakers win 4-1
NBA Finals
Gm Date Opponent W-L Result Series  
1 May 04-1980 Philadelphia 76ers W 109-102 L.A. Lakers lead 1-0
2 May 07-1980 Philadelphia 76ers L 104-107 series tied 1-1
3 May 10-1980 @Philadelphia 76ers W 111-101 L.A. Lakers lead 2-1
4 May 11-1980 @Philadelphia 76ers L 102-105 series tied 2-2
5 May 14-1980 Philadelphia 76ers W 108-103 L.A. Lakers lead 3-2
6 May 16-1980 @Philadelphia 76ers W 123-107 L.A. Lakers win 4-2

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